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Vision of Qubiz

Quantum Technologies (QT) enable disruptive solutions to central technological and societal challenges of our time.  When fully developed, QT will revolutionize computing, communication, sensing, materials science, and much more.  QT can bring these areas to completely new levels that cannot be reached by today’s technologies.

Different routes to practical QT systems will be taken using trains of single photons, spin-aligned atoms, robust electron-spin semiconductor systems, and superconducting materials.  The Quantum Innovation Center [Qubiz] will serve as an incubator environment for the growth of QT in Denmark. Qubiz merges all QT groups in Denmark (NBI, DTU, Aarhus) and 16 industrial partners.

With this strong outset, the aims and objectives of Qubiz are to:

  • bridge the gap from proof-of-concept demonstrations through development of prototypes to commercial products and start-ups.
  • strengthen and support QT activities by building a professional group within Qubiz with commercial expertise and experience as well as technical insight to help commercializing QT.
  • educate a new generation of scientists and engineers with state-of-the-art expertise in QT to be employed in high-tech industry.

Our ambition is to gain a globally leading position in the commercialization of QT.

Cathal Mahon
CEO, Qubiz