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Quantum Electronic Materials

Quantum materials research covers synthesis and characterization of the essential material platforms.

The revolutionizing developments in classical information technology have gone hand-in-hand with developments of the underlying semiconductor materials. Also the performance of quantum-technology (QT) devices is intimately tied to the quality and microscopic composition of materials, and the drive into the quantum regime sets new challenges.

By the unique setup of Qubiz, the traditional division between materials science, device engineering, and characterization will be eliminated in order to accelerate developments.

Access to instruments for structural characterization and for testing of materials and instrumentation at relevant conditions is essential for the development of new materials and devices. One important technique is transmission electron microscopy (TEM) the use of which will be optimized initially by a strengthened synergy with Danchip and subsequently, if needed, by establishing dedicated facilities within Qubiz.

Through collaborations with industrial partner NIL Technology we will develop and commercialize efficient parallel processing of material catalyst templates generating a new product line for NIL-Technology, and saving significant time and expensive processes for materials developments. Together with software company QuantumWise and DTU we will develop and commercialize software modules allowing modeling of the materials and properties relevant to quantum technology, such as the epitaxial joining of dissimilar materials and electronic properties of interfaces incorporating both semiconductors and superconductors.

Research focus will include the following activities:

  • Development of materials for topological quantum information technology
  • Development of software for simulation of quantum materials
  • Development of processes for parallel production and characterization of 1D hybrid materials
  • Higher Tc and oxide-based hybrids
  • Test facility for materials benchmarking at conditions relevant for QTech

All Research Team Members

Jesper Nygård
Jesper NygårdProject Leader and Key Investigator, NBI
Martin Bjergfeldt
Martin BjergfeldtPhD Student, NBI
Elisa Fiordaliso
Elisa FiordalisoPostdoc, DTU
Jonas Madsen
Jonas MadsenPhD Student, NBI
Kurt Stokbro
Kurt StokbroCEO, QuantumWise
Thomas Jespersen
Thomas JespersenKey Investigator and Deputy-leader, NBI
Mads Brandbyge
Mads BrandbygeProfessor, DTU
Tue Gunst
Tue GunstPostdoc, DTU
Theodor Nielsen
Theodor NielsenCEO, NILT
Martin Aagesen
Martin AagesenMaterials Engineer, NBI
Damon Carrad
Damon CarradPostdoc, NBI
Line Jelver
Line JelverPhD Student, QuantumWise
Merlin V. Soosten
Merlin V. SoostenPhD student, NBI

Project Leader

Jesper Nygård

Professor and Deputy Head of Institute for Research, Niels Bohr Institute (NBI)

Key Investigator

Thomas S. Jespersen

Associate professor, Center for Quantum Devices, Niels Bohr Institute (NBI)