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Our main sponsor, the publicly funded Innovation Fund Denmark invests in new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark. The Fund made its largest single investment to date, when it allocated 80 million DKK to Qubiz. The ambition is that this investment, along with collaboration and co-financing from other partners, will allow Qubiz to put Denmark on the map as the world centre of modern quantum technology.

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Academic Partners

Qubiz is hosted by the Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) at University of Copenhagen. NBI includes a number of research groups in quantum physics in both quantum electronics and photonics encompassing theory and experiment. NBI has about 500 employees (academic, technical, PhD students). About 100 employees currently work on topics related to Qubiz.



At the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Qubiz is involved with DTU Physics, where the Quantum Physics and Information Technology Group (QPIT) under the direction of Prof. Ulrik L. Andersen, has a key focus on translating the basic principles of quantum physics into practical applications and devices. DTU Physics has 170 employees and the QPIT group consists of about 15 employees. In addition, the Departments of Photonic Engineering, Nano- and Microtechnology and Energy are involved in Qubiz activities.



At Aarhus University (AU), the Department of Physics and Astronomy is a Qubiz partner. AU Physics covers research areas like astrophysics and cosmology, optical physics, biophysics, etc.  A key focus of the Qubiz team at AU is to  the basic principles of optical physics into practical applications and devices. AU Physics has 230 employees. The groups involved in Qubiz comprise about 30 employees.

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Industrial Partners