Qubiz News November 2016

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It was somewhat fitting that Søren’s last day at Qubiz coincided with a visit from the Danish Parliament’s Education and Research Committee (read more about the visit below).  The visit, which was hosted by Innovation Fund Denmark, and which took place at QDev – Center for Quantum Devices at the University of Copenhagen, included a [...]

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University of Copenhagen partners with Microsoft to develop topological quantum computer

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Quantum computer: Villum Kann Rasmussen Professor Charles Marcus, University of Copenhagen, will build the world's first topological quantum computer at the Niels Bohr Institute in collaboration with the Technical University of Delft and Sydney University under a Microsoft sponsored program working directly with scientists at Microsoft. The theoretical part of quantum electronics and the software [...]

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Qubiz Special Edition Newsletter

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The Qubiz Newsletter is usually sent out once a month, but this recent news item was just too good to keep for ourselves until the December Issue! It represents yet another significant step towards increased commercialization of the next wave of quantum technologies – Quantum Technologies 2.0 – as well as being a clear endorsement [...]

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Qubiz News in October

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Half a year has now passed in the lifetime of Qubiz. On 27th and 28th October we had our first gathering in Qubiz since our Kick-off meeting in Mid April. The picture above shows concentrated participants during a team-building exercise at the October retreat. To me, it was clear that we already have made significant progress [...]

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Getting up to speed

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As you will see below we have now our new full-time Center Coordinator, Jorunn Maria Magnusdottir, in place. With Cathal and Maria now having joined the team you can now expect to see many of the business related initiatives and activities you should expect from Qubiz come to life. We have also an ad out [...]

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Effective reflection of light for quantum technology

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Light usually spreads out in all directions and when the light hits an object, it is reflected and is scattered even more. So light is normally quite uncontrollable. But researchers want to be able to control light all the way down to the atomic level in order to develop future quantum technologies. Researchers at the [...]

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First meeting with our Governing Board

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31 August 2016 On the 22nd and 23rd August we had our first meeting with our Governing Board.  The Board, is composed of Gabriel Aeppli (CH and Chairman), Eric Swanson (US), Marco Iansiti (US), and Sir Peter Knight (UK).  We had a lively and very open discussion and interaction with the Board, and the feedback we got [...]

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Optical magnetic field sensor can detect signals from the nervous system

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Quantum physics: The human body is controlled by electrical impulses in, for example, the brain, the heart and nervous system. These electrical signals create tiny magnetic fields, which doctors could use to diagnose various diseases, for example diseases of the brain or heart problems in young foetuses. Researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute have now [...]

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Quantum photonic researchers start new company, Sparrow Quantum

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Quantum technology: There is incredible potential in quantum technology for unbreakable communication and new superfast computers and with a new technological invention quantum technology is storming ahead. Researchers in the research group Quantum Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute have formed a new company, Sparrow Quantum, which will produce photonic chips that could be [...]