First meeting with our Governing Board

31 August 2016

On the 22nd and 23rd August we had our first meeting with our Governing Board.  The Board, is composed of Gabriel Aeppli (CH and Chairman), Eric Swanson (US), Marco Iansiti (US), and Sir Peter Knight (UK).  We had a lively and very open discussion and interaction with the Board, and the feedback we got – at an aggregated level – from our Board was as follows:

  • They consider most of our work to be world-class, and in major focus areas we are not just world class, we are world-leaders!
  • Qubiz already has solid industrial participation and also success with the starting up of new ventures
  • The Board experienced a high level of engagement, enthusiasm, and also openness to new ideas and input.

The Board also pinpointed areas where there is room for improvements (this is sincerely appreciated!)

  • There is still a long way to go in Qubiz regi as far as changing the Qubiz financed activities from being primarily managed and directed based on scientific goal-setting to making the Qubiz activities being directed based on applications and business perspectives.
  • We need to find smarter ways to engage business people that are both passionate about and have insight into our activities so that they can help and support us in achieving the above-mentioned changes and goals.

We will have meetings with our Governing Board every six months, but we will keep them updated on a more frequent basis by means of, among other things, quarterly reports on our initiatives and our progress.



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