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Business Development

Research activities at universities in quantum technology are approaching a level of maturity where applications of quantum technology are becoming significant and furthermore have the potential as the technology that will ensure a continuation in growth of computational power, an area of vital importance for continued development of information society.

The purpose of the Business Development [BusDev] function is to be the bridge that connects the Danish quantum technology community with the institutions who can help bringing this pool of capabilities into use.

From the start of Qubiz, a number of companies have already declared interested and committed resources to be partners.  BusDev will make certain that the true interests of these companies are well known and addressed by the relevant project participants in Qubiz.

BusDev will also ensure that companies, who are not yet partners with Qubiz, but might have an interest in Qubiz activities, are contacted and invited for participation.  BusDev will develop a portfolio of potential partners for the different research areas of Qubiz.

For more information about getting involved as an industrial partner, contact:

Cathal Mahon
Interim CEO, Qubiz
Tel.: +45 2099 6312