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About Qubiz

Quantum theory was developed in Copenhagen in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Leading scientists came to Copenhagen from all over the world to learn, discuss and interact with Niels Bohr and co-workers. This was how quantum theory was developed.

Now a next quantum era is to start in Copenhagen. A new organizational platform, Qubiz, was launched in Spring, 2016. Qubiz is a center and a meeting place where on-going businesses as well as those who have an interest in starting new high-tech companies can come and learn, discuss and interact with leading quantum scientists.  New products, new applications and new start-up businesses will emerge from this pool of competence, where scientists and people from the business world meet, collaborate and entangle.

Copenhagen and Denmark is an obvious location for such a center. Some of the leading scientists in quantum physics are located here. Charles Marcus, Eugene Polzik, Peter Lodahl, Ulrik Andersen and Jacob Sherson just to mention a few. And also of great importance, most fields of relevance for exploitation of quantum technology are covered by these esteemed scientists and their colleagues.

About Qubiz

The vision for Qubiz is to become a leading global center for commercialization of quantum technology. The planning and the start of the center has attracted lots of interest from the business world, including companies outside Denmark. At start 18 businesses have agreed to join the center. Six of these have no other relevant business activity in Denmark. Three non-Danish universities are also forming part of the center.

Companies like Microsoft, having a deep interest in quantum computing materials, Cryptomathic, a significant player in cryptography and NKT Photonics and Toptica, both engaged in the field of advanced lasers are examples of participating industries. Also new start-ups within photonic as well as electronic components are on the way to take off.

The activities in Qubiz includes collaborative industry-university activities divided in five focused work packages:  Quantum Photonics Sources and Circuits, Quantum Communication, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Electronic Materials and Quantum Electronic Computers. Qubiz has in addition to these technical activities also a work package and organization for Business Development. This function shall grow the involvement of industry in the center further, it shall be an incubator for new start-ups and it shall develop an innovation and business culture within the center. The aim is to train and develop a number of individuals into a superposition of science competence and business mindset within the same person.