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Qubiz – Quantum Innovation Center

A next quantum era is to start in Copenhagen. A new organizational platform, Qubiz, has just been launched. Qubiz is a center and a meeting place where on-going businesses as well as those who have an interest in starting new high-tech companies can come and learn, discuss and interact with leading quantum scientists.


About Qubiz

Quantum theory was developed in Copenhagen in the 1920’ies and 1930’ies. Leading scientists came to Copenhagen from all over the world to learn, discuss and interact with Niels Bohr and co-workers. This was how quantum theory was developed.



Business Development

Research activities at universities in quantum technology are approaching a level of maturity where applications of quantum technology are becoming significant and furthermore have the potential as the technology that will ensure a continuation in growth.



Vision of Qubiz

Quantum Technologies (QT) enable disruptive solutions to central technological and societal challenges of our time.  When fully developed, QT will revolutionize computing, communication, sensing, materials science, and much more.


Research at the Quantum Innovation Center

The vision for Qubiz is to become a globally leading player in the development and commercialization of quantum technologies.

The key objective and the mission of Qubiz is to exploit the very strong Danish research positions within quantum technology for value creation by commercialization of strongholds in Danish quantum technology.

Quantum Communication

Quantum communication research focuses on developing a completely new system for high-rate quantum key distribution [QKD] that efficiently solves all the challenges in a single system for the first time.

Quantum Sensing

Qubiz researchers have pioneered fundamentally new approaches to sensing in proof-of-principle demonstrations of magnetic-field detection beyond quantum limits.

Photonic Quantum Technology

Photonic quantum technology concerns novel QT based on photonics and encompasses the development of hardware for photonic quantum simulators, quantum networks, quantum cryptography, and novel light…

Quantum Electronic Computing

Quantum science promises an entirely new kind of information processing, in which quantum parallelism is used as a resource to greatly accelerate the computation speed.

Quantum Electronic Materials

Quantum materials research covers synthesis and characterization of the essential material platforms. The revolutionizing developments in classical information technology have gone hand-in-hand with…

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